March 6, 2019

About Bruce Masters

Two Bruce Masters bios:

Bruce Masters in brief

Bruce Masters is a prolific British fiction writer (and sometimes non-fiction writer) of novels, novellas and the occasional biographical exposé—he thinks himself a comedy writer also, but you may disagree, depending upon your comedic tastes.

Masters has a keen interest in world politics and current affairs, which is reflected in his writing, celebrity and politics being recurring themes in several of his works.

The author has spent several decades writing dozens of books spanning many genres but is best known for writing comedy fiction, including the breakout Make It Great Again! series of books, which (he claims at least) reinvent comedy fiction and the paperback thriller novel at the same time—the first book in the series being Make the World Great Again!

Masters has created an entirely new genre, combining adventure with suspense and mingling the two with his unique sense of humour.

He describes this new genre as the ‘comedy-thriller’ and invites you to embrace the wacky, unexpected and thought-provoking worlds that he brings to life within his novels.

His desire to spread happiness, humour and charity has inspired many of his books, which he hopes will improve your day, if only a little.

bruce masters

A somewhat more detailed Bruce Masters bio

 (Including quotes from the author)

Bruce Masters considers himself to be a classic ‘storytelling’ author, whose style is as unique as the new genres of fiction he has newly created—see the Make It Great Again! book series.

His fictional works are heavily centred around fast-paced and dramatic plots, intrigue, suspense and unexpected fictional twists and turns with character development, description and dialogue (although present in all of his books to a degree) never really taking centre stage, with plot and story development ever being his primary focus.

‘I don’t take myself or my writing all that seriously; I am quite a thick-skinned sort of writer. I always welcome criticism as it is proof of individuality, which I value most highly.’

—Bruce Masters

Masters prefers exposition in the form of author narration rather than extensive and predictable dialogue—in his own words, ‘People are constantly talking in their day-to-day lives, so when they read a work of fiction for the purpose of achieving escapism, surely they desire less talking and more narration, inner dialogue, introspection, emotion, connection with the author, and creativity.’

Masters’ fiction is for everyone so long as they have a keen imagination, as the author’s published works require the reader to decide what fifty percent or more of his fictional worlds (and characters) look, smell and sound like, due to each book being written in a style that is deliberately open to interpretation, allowing the reader to ‘fill in the blanks’, which allows them to take ownership of the story, resulting in both a very personal as well as fulfilling literary experience.

Bruce could aptly be called a ‘current affairs’ novelist

So many of his published and soon-to-be-published works of fiction are set in the here and now, as in—right now, this year … month … even this very week!

Due to taking the decision to self-publish (and aided by his ability to produce and publish novels within one or two weeks from time of conception) Bruce manages the unusual feat of providing the reader with a compelling story set in a world they very much recognize, as every Bruce Masters novel and novella is set in a universe that very closely replicates this one…

‘I am passionate about writing comedy as well as the occasional suspense-thriller and even the occasional politically themed article or novel…’

—Bruce Masters

If you have ever wondered what the world might be like if it were but ‘tweaked’ a little here and there, you only need to read the latest novel release by Masters.

All of his satirical and parody-fuelled fictional works are created to give hope back to a world where there exists a deficit of that commodity, whilst also providing a laugh or two along the way.

World leaders and celebrities alike become unsuspecting players within many of Masters books, often with hilarious, dramatic and world-changing results!

‘I don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed as a comedy writer, political writer or thriller writer. This is perhaps why I write books in all aforementioned genres, as I do not see myself as a certain type of writer but as a writer full stop. This is confusing, I know, but we humans are not simple creatures, quite the opposite in fact and multifaceted. So, perhaps I could be monikered a “multifaceted writer”?’

—Bruce Masters


Bruce infuses hope, optimism and positivity into all of his varied works of fiction, breaking with the all-too-common tradition of dour and negative literature, which stifles the human soul rather than raising it up to new hitherto undreamt of heights.

The author’s love of humanity, animals and creation is expressed in his works of fiction, sharing his unique take on life, the universe and everything with his readers without holding anything back or watering down his books to satisfy either the majority or a particular minority.

His books are for all, and they ARE Bruce Masters; his published works combined are a representation of the author’s personality in all its varied forms. This was not his intent, yet upon realizing this fact, he has made no attempt to make a literary change; if you want to meet Bruce, all you need do read his books, he expresses himself through writing, he IS his books.

‘In the “real world” (when I’m not writing) I am passionate in my day-to-day dealings interacting with the world and those who share this little planet with me. That is why my published works may seem (on occasion) to be passionate, emotional, bold and forthright—as I try to lead a life centred around integrity, and removing said passion from my writing would be to go against what and who I am.’

—Bruce Masters

Anonymity and privacy

Masters covers the idea of ‘celebrity authors’ within his debut biographical work One Election Please… where he makes the case against becoming a celebrity himself, owing to the many downsides of the celebrity lifestyle.

Despite it being the swiftest route to fame, success and wealth accumulation, Bruce has chosen to maintain his privacy and requests that his wish is respected and honoured—he neither wishes to appear on T.V. nor see his picture in the paper or be photographed in the supermarket or in a café.

Due to Masters’ wish to remain out of the public eye, he is unable to reproduce here his curriculum vitae or add photos or snippets of information about himself or anecdotes from his past. What he will say, however, is that he is a man who was born in the twentieth century, somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Authors (Bruce says) should be quiet, anonymous types of folk, not rock stars…


Bruce supports charity full stop—the concept, idea and life-changing benefit that charity brings, for not only the recipient but for the giver also.

‘If we do not have the courage to stand up to violence, crime, inequality and darkness, the fate that awaits us will be one sorely deserved and one that will be inevitable if the moral and spiritual quality of man falters once more.’

—Bruce Masters

Of all the many charities he could mention here, Bruce has singled out two charities that he supports unreservedly: Anti-Slavery International and P.E.T.A.

His reasoning for supporting said charities is owing to them each being truly international and their causes being inarguably good, selfless and just—only a psychopath would argue the case in favour of slavery or animal abuse…

It is true that Bruce is a big believer in the concept ‘charity begins at home’ and encourages everyone to rid their home nations of homelessness, animal abuse and child poverty FIRST before sending aid overseas; yet, in the case of P.E.T.A. and Anti-Slavery International, owing to their causes impacting us one and all, Bruce encourages his readers to consider supporting said charities, if their finances and time allow.

‘Charity is the act of becoming closer to God.’

—Bruce Masters


Masters is passionate about peace.

Bruce abhors cynicism and the pessimistic side to mankind. Duly, he believes in the concept and application of peace worldwide, believing that it is not only possible but very easily attainable with but a small expenditure of effort, by those with the strongest will and courage!

‘If the world slips, once more, into international conflict and war, it will be our fault, all of ours, for not doing more to secure lasting peace when we had the chance…’

—Bruce Masters

Bruce describes himself as an eternal optimist and cheerleader for hope, faith and peaceful cooperation between neighbours, be they in your street or other nations, faiths or races.

He adds his spirit of optimism into all of his works, so if you ever need a ‘pick me up’, his books are a great place to start as they are not only a distraction from the less pleasant realities of life but also vehicles to raise both spirits and enthusiasm.

‘It is not enough to simply be peaceful and believe in peace oneself. You must FIGHT for peace by espousing your positive, hopeful and peaceful vision to all who care to listen … and scream it at those who do not!’

—Bruce Masters

Bruce Masters’ books in six words:

‘Sometimes the good guys CAN win!

Bruce Masters’ books in three words:

‘Karma is real!’

Bruce Masters’ books in one word:


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