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David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure

‘David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure’ The most controversial figure in U.K. politics has now been immortalised in fiction. David Lammy, the U.K. member of Parliament for Tottenham, faces his greatest challenge to date—surviving Bruce Masters’ fictional world in ‘David Lammy on the Run, a Political Comedy Adventure.’ David is joined […]

The Bruce Masters Column

Is Corbyn a Far-Right activist intent on bringing down the Left from within?

The following is a work of fiction – I imagine… In a dimly-lit room, a little over five hundred men waited for their leader, seated on old wooden chairs, which the men found prearranged upon their arrival… To say that the expectant audience was nervous would be an extreme understatement; they were beyond apprehensive and […]

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David Lammy on the Run – FREE Sample

David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure This book is dedicated to the long-suffering people of Venezuela and of Tottenham. Freedom is coming, my friends. Don’t stop believing! Contents Chapter One – Born to Be a Clown. 1 Chapter Two – Show Me Your Hands. 8 Chapter Three – Stealth. 11 Chapter […]