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A New Triple Entente for the Twenty-First Century: Great Britain, Russia and the USA! by Bruce Masters

American Russian British friendship
(The New Triple Entente)

A New Triple Entente for the Twenty-First Century

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Can the BIG THREE (Britain, the USA and Russia) ever unite?

Yesterday, the world looked on as the annual Victory Day parade snaked its way through the Russian capital—has it already been 74 years since the end of World War Two?

Political observers, commentators, pundits and journalists of all stripes (from outside of Russia) imagined the immense display of military hardware and manpower as a veiled threat against the west and its allies, and who could blame them after the ‘Crimea incident’?

The Russians have long memories…

I, however, for one, do not take the Russians’ Victory Day parade as a threat; rather, I see it as a wink and a nudge to that nation’s oldest allies—Great Britain and the USA, and a nod also to an old pact that the Russians would gladly re-forge, if only given the chance. I am certain that Russia desires a new Triple Entente (or Triple Agreement/Alliance) for a new century.

Younger readers may not be familiar with the original Triple Entente as these days in schools it seems the focus is more on software coding and getting the next generation primed to be politically correct computer operating and programming drones—we embrace automation and technological advancements without thinking about the human cost, about whether such an existence will benefit our children on a human and emotional level, but that is another topic altogether…

So, a brief history lesson concerning that most pointless ‘brothers’ war’ – World War One – is probably necessary at this juncture.

It was 1914. The world seemed to be going mad overnight. The masculine pride and ego (of our then leaders) doomed millions of boys and men to a grim fate. But in that moment of darkness, a union formed; a union of nations that desired peace but who, separately, were unable to secure it.

At first, Russia, Britain and France formed the ‘Triple Entente’; soon after, however, the Americans lent their support also, which thankfully they repeated a few decades later when the world needed the USA’s help once again, and once again they answered the call of their cousins across the water.

A WW1-era Russian ‘Entente’ poster (France to the left, Britain to the right)

By now you are probably wondering why I have omitted to include the proud nation of France within the title of this article, it was not a mistake.

France and her people are great; its current leader … not so much. That is not my opinion alone, have you seen the news as of late? Paris these days is less centre of culture and more ‘Mad Max’ film set, what with the unending yellow vest protests and intermittent terror attacks…

Unfortunately, France is currently ‘off the rails’ with the diminutive and sly leader of that nation currently rolling the dice in the wildest gamble in his nation’s history by pushing for an ‘EU army’.

It is the chaos in France (at the present moment in time, I sincerely hope things improve soon) in addition to Macron’s wild power play and sabre rattling that cause them to be removed from consideration from the Entente, until such time as France has a leader who can govern, is respected, and does not wish to start an arms race or military conflict with Russia!

A four-way entente would be preferable

Depending on your politics, you may be thinking now that I am either a Russian agent or just naïve to believe that Russia wants anything other than world domination. Let me tell you why you would be wrong on both counts.

A true Russian nationalist is staunchly opposed to a union with the United Kingdom or the USA as nationalism is a creed centred very much around the concept of self-determination and protectionism, in its purest and undiluted form, so pushing for a New Triple Entente must mean that I am not pro-Russia alone. For the record, I have yet to meet or speak with a citizen of the Russian Federation, watching Russian ‘dash cam’ videos on YouTube is about as close as I have come to ‘colluding’ with a Russian or Russians.

On world domination, and the Victory Day parade being a prelude of sorts to the definite fate that awaits the west: This could be the case, were it not for the following three reasons:

1. The U.S. and the U.K. being nuclear powers (if a nuclear power attacks either nation, it is game over for planet Earth) and

2. Russia is recovering from its Communistic past and moving back towards that nation’s Christian tradition (democracy intermingled with re-found faith are the guarantors of peace in Europe) and finally

3. Russians are starting to enjoy peace time in ‘modern Russia’, a very capitalistic nation with a rising middle class, who aren’t as eager to fight and die on foreign soil as some political right wing hawks would have you believe. It is important to remember that, unlike in the States and in Britain, Russia’s armed forces comprise a large component of conscripts, which is proof of the Eastern Bear’s appetite for conquest having waned; the Russian, it seems, enjoys peace and prosperity as much as the Welshman, Scot, Englishman and New Yorker…

Due to these three reasons, Russia (if she wants to prosper and enjoy everlasting peace) must consider a new Entente and what better time than now?

One of the proposed members of the union (who won two world wars alongside Russia) is currently in the process of leaving the EU and in so doing leaving Macron and his dream of forging a European army—didn’t an Austrian painter have that same dream in the 1940’s?

With the U.K. saying ciao to Europe, where are that ancient nation’s allies to be found if not in the nations of the Entente, if not in Russia and the good ol’ USA?

Churchill would support the New Triple Entente

‘What about the Commonwealth?’ I hear you ask. Yes, so true; as trading partners the Commonwealth nations including Canada, Australia and New Zealand will welcome the opportunity to freely trade with the U.K. as well as give us (I am a Brit by the way) moral support and encouragement during our transition back to ‘sovereign nation’ status; however it is in the U.S. and the land of bears in the east that the crown should be looking, where our future peace and prosperity lies.

Britain needs strong friends in this madcap world now more than ever (after the Brexit victory), but we are not alone—America is stretched and literally haemorrhaging money (trillions of dollars) due to the cost of policing the world whilst additionally satisfying its own population’s increasing reliance of both welfare and infrastructure. Don’t they (the political ‘experts’) in the States realise that it was the Soviet Union’s overspending in the ’80s that led to the eventual collapse of that empire? If America falls, we all fall.

The rise of China should alarm one and all, and like the First and Second World Wars, no single nation could hope to combat, control or curtail the Red Dragon’s ambition—which, eventually, if left unchecked, will result in military conflict as they ever search for more lebensraum, most recently in the South China Sea…

The new Triple Entente, a Russian/British/American union, would hold the balance of power in the world whilst being able to trade freely without tariff or hindrance—and Russia’s borders with China and North Korea may come in pretty handy also!

The Caucasus Mountains, Georgia.
The ancestral home of Britons, the majority of Americans and Russians

If what I have written above is not enough to push the nations in question towards a political and eventual military union, it is worth also considering that the majority of Britons and Americans are (more or less) ‘Russian’. The photo immediately above was taken in Georgia, the country near to Russia, not the state in America. What you are looking at is the Caucasus mountain range, where the majority of ‘white’ people (referred to as Caucasians) originated—Russians are similarly monikered.

We (Russia, Britain and America) are basically family, long-lost cousins of a sort actually, so shouldn’t we be a little nicer to one another? Or am I being naïve again?

If nothing else will work to bring us together, maybe our ancestral ties might, and once said bonds have been re-forged, cooperation on a human and civil level will be possible…

If a Russian is under attack, I know that he/she would welcome the help of a Texan, Californian, Alaskan, Ulsterman, Englishman or Scot, in the same way those folks would, in turn, welcome the help of a Russian if their own backs were up against the wall.

Why not just ‘blow them up’?

If it were possible to destroy Russia, and I mean all of Russia including every hidden nuclear silo and her offensive capability in space and under the oceans, there would be an argument to ‘push the button’ in the interests of removing the west’s most powerful opponent from the chessboard of life—but it is not easy to destroy Russia; in fact, it is simply not possible without the entire world burning also following retaliatory strikes.

So what choice do we have left? If not war then … peace … surely?

What this author finds heart-warming in terms of potential world peace occurring before 2030 (within a decade or so), including full denuclearisation, is the identities of the men who sit respectively in the Kremlin and the White House.

As an avid consumer of political news (and a history buff) it is apparent to me that these two men have said more than any Russian or American leader before them in regards to ridding the world of planet-destroying weapons and finding common ground to forge peaceful cooperation going into an uncertain future … together.

Every time President Trump talks about his desire for the world to be free of nuclear weapons, the collective level of anxiety in the world no doubt decreases by a few points, the same is true whenever President Putin offers an olive branch, compliments his counterpart or simply when the two leaders seem genuinely happy in each other’s company.

But can things really be that different under the trilateral leadership of Trump, Putin and the United Kingdom and can such a bold and unexpected partnership really save the world from self-destruction? I think yes; I know it is a yes as Trump, the old maverick that he is, is probably one of the only people in American politics today who would (reluctantly) push that big button on his desk—and Putin knows this, and from this knowledge comes newfound respect for the West.

If Trump cannot get the deal he wants, he becomes unpredictable, macho and aggressive, the term ‘Alpha’ could have genuinely been created for the New York business titan. Luckily for the other two partner nations (Britain and Russia) the deal he wants is worldwide free trade, peace, democracy and a safe future for the children of all nations.

Can Trump make the deal of a lifetime with Britain and Russia?

So, are we there yet … close to peace? No, sadly.

Putin builds new killing machines every year, and terrifying WMDs, but he has to and doing so is an act of patriotism, for what if The Donald fails in his re-election bid in 2020? The ‘Boss’ (as Putin is affectionately known in his homeland) would then have another hawkish Hillary to potentially contend with or a ‘Bush’, so he keeps building those weapons (as do the U.S. and Britain of course) just in case the next administration isn’t quite so peace-loving as Trump.

There is propaganda on both sides, with so-called ‘fake news’ clogging the arteries of the body politic as of late, yet there is hope in spite of the bias and propaganda; there is a serious chance for peace, but first the ineffectual and embarrassing Theresa May must go.

Once Britain has an actual leader, only then can the three nations who united together in the twentieth century in the First and Second World Wars, and won both wars together for all humanity, do the same again, unite again just as before, but instead of winning a war, this time these three brave, honourable and proud nations can win the peace—and the world will follow as, united, the British-Russian-American alliance would be indomitable!

Eventually, I imagine the union would grow in size, and with each new member state joining the Entente, life (on our blue marble of a spaceship hurtling through the cosmos) would get that bit better for everyone.

I welcome the Triple Entente; you should, too, irrespective of which nation you belong to.

With a unified Russia, Britain and America, world peace will be secured for generations to come.

—Bruce Masters

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