About Bruce Masters

Bruce is a forty-something author, psychologist, campaigner, former Royal Marine, husband and father—not necessarily in that order…

The genres of his books range from comedy to political comedy, suspense/thriller to political/social non-fiction.

After graduating from university, he followed the path walked by many in his family when he became an officer in the Royal Marines.

When Bruce returned to ‘civvie street’ some years later, his childhood passion for writing was rekindled, finding work as ghost writer at first for three years before publishing works of his own.

Due to wishing to keep his writing career separate from his former career, Bruce wrote under a pen name, writing and publishing over twenty novels within the span of a decade, the majority of his releases becoming best-sellers.

Achieving financial independence, he officially retired the day before he turned forty, but it didn’t take.

‘Retirement was the hardest job I’ve ever had.’

Like many retirees, Bruce found himself opining to one and all about politics, society and world affairs, in hopes of being able to contribute to his nation once more.

He began to develop a keen interest in the areas of psychology and sociology, settling eventually on the former and later studying the subject at an intermediary level and some years later starting a PhD course on the subject.

The critical knowledge he gathered from studying the human mind answered many burning questions that had long plagued him. Suddenly, he truly understood people/humanity for the first time, their motivations, fears, and tribalism, and more so he understood the cause of the world’s problems.

‘It is the lack of critical thinking and empathy that holds us back as a species.’

Not content to return to his quiet and comfortable existence, he chose to return to work. He gave himself two options: teach psychology or continue to write; he chose the latter.

The new book ideas formulating in his mind were so removed from his previous works that he knew at once he would have to create a new pen name, until a thought struck him.

Those who’d enjoyed his novels were unaware that Bruce was the man behind the fictional author whose name appeared on so many books in their collections.

With this in mind, he was finally able to write under his own name, his real name—Bruce Masters.

His agent and publisher tried but failed to change his mind due to fearing his new releases would damage the reputation of his fictional alter ego.

Ignoring such concerns, he began writing in an unchained and unfiltered manner for the first time—no agent, no publisher, no editor.

As Bruce was no longer ‘writing to get rich’ he started his new career in earnest by self-publishing and refusing to pay for advertisements or publicity of any kind.

In 2019, he joined Twitter and began a social media journey of discovery. In the initial weeks following his signing up to the website, Bruce shared a few links to his latest works of fiction and non-fiction.

He soon realised that, due to the books failing to sell many copies, he would be required to increase his followership online in order to share his new style of writing, comedy and commentary with the world.

Over time his following grew, yet he refrained from hard-selling his books, primarily because he wasn’t financially dependent on them and also owing to him giving away more books than he sold.

He soon became active in social media politics, advocating for democracy, peace and people power. But this wasn’t enough.

Seeing political corruption on both the left and right, he began creating a series of video productions and memes to highlight the shortcomings of political leaders, misconduct and divisive rhetoric—Bruce is a pro-equality and pro-democracy campaigner.

Today, you will still find him on Twitter where he offers insight and knowledge gained over the course of a very busy and full life.

Bruce has what can only be described as a ‘unique’ personality, which most will find confrontational or bombastic if not pompous. He is unapologetic about what/who he is, considering himself an anti-yes man.

He is not a fence-sitter, which becomes apparent on page one of all books published under his given name or if you seek him out on social media. However, he offers his input, articles and books to the world without expecting everyone to embrace his (more often than not) madcap storylines, his staunch political positions and his belief system as a whole.

Bruce would like to thank you for reading to the bottom of this overly long bio—he would also like you to know that he wrote it.

Kind regards,

Bruce Masters, PhD