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J.K. Rowling in: It’s a Kind of Magic

What starts as a mundane trip into town turns into a day to remember for the famous children’s author.

The billionaire morphs into absurd characters in her comedic interactions with the public. Several altercations later, she’s trapped in a memory loop on a park bench, thanks to Shakespeare’s Scottish play.

Meanwhile, back at Chez Rowling, having finished his chores, husband Neil has turned on his secret computer behind closed curtains, hoping to bring his covert plan to fruition…

Follow J.K. Rowling’s escapades in Edinburgh and her hilariously awkward conversation on the drive home with a very reticent MP in London.

When the day is over, what will Rowling find waiting for her when she walks through her front door?

J.K. Rowling in: It’s a Kind of Magic invites you to follow in Joanne’s footsteps as she takes Edinburgh by storm.

If you have read One Election Please… How J.K. Rowling Bought British Politics, Hid Her Tue Self and Hoodwinked the World—an Unauthorised Biographical Exposé, you will be sure to find the comedy re-imagining of J.K. Rowling in It’s a Kind of Magic the perfect companion piece.

One Election Please… How J.K. Rowling Bought British Politics, Hid Her True Self and Hoodwinked the World—an Unauthorised Biographical Exposé

After completing his comedy novella, J.K. Rowling in: It’s a Kind of Magic, Bruce Masters decided to investigate the main character of the book to see if his fictional representation in any way mirrored the real-life children’s author. What he discovered shocked him.

Using professional psychiatric tools as well as conducting hundreds of hours of research and analysis, Masters has compiled the ultimate guide to J.K. Rowling, uncovering her possible intentions and motivations.

When one of the richest people in the world spends so much time suing those less fortunate and propagating a rather disturbing ‘darkness’ theory, it’s time to look at what may be the driving force behind these behaviours.

Masters presents video footage and accompanying notes along with his own analyses and diagnostic tools provided by notable professionals inviting the reader to come to their own conclusions.

With almost 400 references cited, the book aims to discover whether or not Rowling’s personal stories and legal testimonies have been altogether honest and opens up debate as to whether her influence as role model and self-appointed political advisor to the masses is positive or detrimental.

Can the woman who recently bought a $30,000,000 yacht really be afraid of losing her fortune? Bruce Masters believes he has discovered the answer to this and other confusing facets of the children’s author and invites you to make up your own mind as he leads you through his examination of the enigmatic J.K. Rowling.

How Not to Get Sued by J.K. Rowling

In February 2019, Bruce Masters reached out to the famous children’s author J.K. Rowling with an unprecedented proposal. He offered her the chance to collaborate with him on a book he had written about her, One Election Please… How J.K. Rowling Bought British Politics, Hid Her True Self and Hoodwinked the World—an Unauthorised Biographical Exposé.

This is the shocking behind-the-scenes account of their communication over a 14-day period, chronicling Masters’ attempts to forge a working relationship with Rowling, offering her a measure of editorial control over her own exposé. He shares the emails he sent to her solicitors and describes the responses he received, revealing much about the working practices of the famously litigious author and her team of solicitors.

To Masters’ surprise, his offer was spurned in a bid by Team Rowling to take possession of his book with no mutually agreed terms and no timescales for resolution.  Masters’ polite attempts to protect his intellectual property were met with heated, accusatory, even threatening responses from the children’s author via her legal team.

Amid the tense exchanges between the two authors, several surprising events occurred, including a case of mistaken identity and bewildering emails from a number of sources, all documented in Masters’ journal.

Tips for contacting the famous author as well as a raft of cheeky jokes on the theme of How to Avoid Getting Sued by J.K. Rowling are included.

Ever wondered what J.K. is like when the cameras are turned off?

Read Bruce Masters’ diary to find out…

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