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Bruce Masters book releases and news updates (May 2019)

Bruce Masters book releases and news updates (May 2019)

May 2019 Bruce Masters book releases:

The two novels that I am releasing this month could not be more different from each other…

Fight the Dark!

A horror novel like no other

On the 20th of May, my first ‘horror-esque’ work of fiction will be launched in multiple formats.

Fight the Dark! Is a tense and dramatic struggle of religious proportions, a classic ‘light vs. dark’ ‘good vs. evil’ battle, set in the town of Newhaven, Texas, with an eclectic cast of characters who bear witness to the greatest calamity of our times…

The cover art for Fight the Dark can be found on this page; a detailed synopsis and further information will be published shortly.

In parts, my next release may seem to veteran readers of Steven King’s novels as a homage, if not a full-blown cliché-ridden parody, yet I have (I believe) infused new thinking into the horror genre within my maiden horror tome—think Dan Brown + Steven King + Bruce Masters and you will have a good idea of what to expect.

Sample chapters will be made available on on or around the 20th of this month—May 2019.

Make the World Great Again!

Book One in the Make It Great Again Series

(A brief update: #MTWGA is coming very soon)

On the 30th of May, the cataclysmically epic novel Make the World Great Again! will be launched worldwide in multiple formats, literature will never be the same again…

You can learn more about the first book in the Bruce Masters Make It Great Again series of books by clicking HERE.

Check out the video trailers for Make the World Great Again! HERE on the official Bruce Masters YOUTUBE channel.

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