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David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure

‘David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure’

The most controversial figure in U.K. politics has now been immortalised in fiction. David Lammy, the U.K. member of Parliament for Tottenham, faces his greatest challenge to date—surviving Bruce Masters’ fictional world in ‘David Lammy on the Run, a Political Comedy Adventure.’

David is joined by friend and foe alike; however, at times it seems impossible to know who he can trust and what the consequences may be of forging alliances with the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair… When things seem most dire for the Labour MP, salvation is possible, but not before he makes a decision … one that will change the course of his life, his political career and the world itself…

David needs to choose between remaining the same or changing… Join David, Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott as well as a cast of thousands in the unexpected and comedically uncompromising David Lammy on the Run…

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‘David Lammy on the Run – A Political Comedy Adventure.’

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