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J.K. Rowling and Anti-Semitism by Bruce Masters

The following article is an extract from the book One Election Please… How J.K. Rowling Bought British Politics, Hid Her True Self and Hoodwinked the World—an Unauthorised Biographical Exposé.

Chapter Twenty-One — Rowling and Anti-Semitism, a Short Essay…

‘…Far from sympathetic, JK Rowling is a vicious Jew-hater who holds only one side’s feet to the fire: those of the victims.’

—Varda Meyers Epstein/The Jewish Press newspaper

‘So… is Rowling naive or actually a bit of a Death Eater herself?’

—Rabbi YY Rubinstein

‘Rowling reveals her darkest loathing for the Jewish State, or at least the majority of its citizens…’

—The Jewish Press newspaper

‘The Harry Potter Author Compares Israel to her Most Harrowing Characters.’


‘Rowling wants to encourage Jew-hating Jewish Israelis who damn their own people and ignore their suffering…’

—Varda Meyers Epstein/The Jewish Press newspaper

(Please bear the above quotations in mind as you read the following chapter. They cause me to think that Rowling’s continual “naming and shaming” of people she deems to be “anti-Semites”, without proof, is akin to the thief who points the finger at an innocent party to avoid being caught out or getting in trouble themselves…)

Joanne, to the best of my knowledge, is not Jewish, yet she frequently “talks” for Jewish people, many of whom this author (and the majority of those commenting in Joanne’s Twitter feed) had no idea were Jewish (as in the case of Stephen Fry) until the fact was brought up by Rowling—this is beyond bizarre, Jo, “outing” Jewish people…

I will provide an example of this below but first it has to be said, by someone at least, how incredibly patronising this is.

I have a suspicion about her motivations behind this behaviour (I believe she does this to score political points against certain politicians by inflating the problem of anti-Semitism and whipping the moderates up in the hopes of causing splinters and cracks in the ‘left’); however, if she stopped for just one moment and thought it through, she would realise how infantile you make a group or race or religion look when you constantly (and in her case regularly and wrongly) claim all and sundry are anti-Semitic—please view her public statements found within her Twitter feed and, more importantly, the very strong opposition to her words and opinions coming from those very closely politically aligned with her.

A bit of backstory about Jo, her politics and interference—which will explain her becoming the “protector of Jews” in Britain.

Jo is a committed socialist and internationalist, more commonly now referred to as a globalist.

Jo has always craved power and wealth, the absence of either making her life miserable (she claims) in the past.

Jo now has lots of money but no power, other than that which she exercises through the court system, using her immense wealth to destroy all dissent, journalism, freedom of speech and expression.

It would appear that Jo thought that by being rich she would gain power, even donating millions to socialist political causes over the years, in an attempt to “buy” politics—she prefers ownership of things/people rather than acquisition through toil, hard work and merit.

Many people believe that Rowling’s ‘banker goblins’ are proof of her anti-Semitism

Jo seemingly wants power at all costs and does not care if she has to break political parties in the process, hers is a strong and powerful will that she forcefully exerts against anyone who stands against her (including friends, family members, colleagues, employees and her political comrades—see her campaign against Jeremy Corbyn to learn more about this).

Jo is a bully. This has been claimed by many people over the years, from those facing her in court to former employees, her own father was scared to call her due to being afraid of her reaction—guessing she would have been ‘livid’; and now I also join the ranks of those who have been victimised by Jo, aka J.K. Rowling.

I worked hard, over several weeks, to get a draft copy of this work in front of Jo (when it was only 60,000 words in length), but she refused to accept the work due to me asking for the same (or fewer) conditions than she demands when it is necessary for her to share unpublished works with third parties. I earlier mentioned that I my initial approach to Jo through her solicitors was ignored for several days. When I did eventually receive communication from them, the result was disappointing.

She refused to agree on anything, she wouldn’t even agree not to make financial claims against the work post publication if she added (as I invited her to) a foreword or introduction at the start of this book; she wouldn’t agree to mutually determined timescales for our proposed collaboration. She is a bully, pure and simple; she threatened me with ‘consequences’ if I published anything that displeased her. A very ambiguous word ‘consequences’, I wonder how Jo would feel if someone sent a nasty and snide email (like the one she sent me a few weeks ago) to herself or a member of her family.

Rowling has attacked the U.S. president repeatedly through social media
(Trump Town … Israel)

Evidently, Jo only cares about Jo. It has always been the same, look at the evidence presented in this book. This is why she ought to be kept from attaining the power that she yearns for.

So, here is the most recent example of Jo being the hero of the Jewish people and totally getting it wrong. I applaud everyone who stands against prejudice, they are right and courageous to do so, but that is not what is happening here, folks. But don’t take my word for it, you can read her bitter, false and hate-filled diatribe for yourself:

(A man or woman on Twitter, @Stafford4JC sent a message to Stephen Fry, the actor, presenter and loud and proud atheist and intellectual. Here is the message.)

‘Don’t Forget @stephenfry make money from the potter books, Can’t have him upsetting jk_rowling’


Jo saw that someone was talking to Stephen Fry about his financial connection with herself—and was livid!

She replied to the man’s tweet, interfering in a matter that was between the person who sent the message and its recipient, Stephen Fry.

Joanne often has tantrums on Twitter

If you don’t know much about Mr Fry, you may assume at this juncture that he is a shy and retiring chap, who needs billionaire socialists to fight his battles for him. I imagine he was composing a reply (although I doubt comments and messages on Twitter bother the man all that much, he seems very level-headed to me) just before he saw that Jo had got in first with a comeback so pathetic, so inaccurate, so defamatory and so stupid that it must have been tweeted by the same mind behind the snide email sent to me recently by one J.K. Rowling.

Stephen Fry doesn’t need protecting, Jo, he is a big boy, and I’m sure he didn’t take the tweet in the same way that you did.

Joanne’s now infamous reply (no one was talking to her remember, and, anyway, doesn’t she have a family? Why is she glued to Twitter 24/7? It makes her seem so angst-ridden, bitter and angry and certainly not happy):

‘Nothing says “our movement has no problem with antisemitism” than suggesting a man of Jewish ancestry is secretly motivated by fear of losing money. But thanks for tagging me in, @stafford4jc. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you to go fuck yourself.’

—Joanne Murray (J.K. Rowling)

I hope this is photoshopped! Found online by searching ‘Rowling anti-Semitism’

I know what you’re thinking, that the tweet above is fake, right? That the children’s author J.K. Rowling couldn’t, just wouldn’t, tell people to go F themselves in public?—She has 15 million followers, mostly children and young people, I imagine, who all read this.

Unfortunately, the tweet is real and there are far worse Rowling tweets also, but reproducing one is enough for this book I think, at least Jo was able to have some of her words (and recent ones at that) added herein, as was my intention.

A few quick points on the public tweet. This is public and what she is saying is considered by her to be the truth and factual.

The person she is attacking is a supporter of their party leader, the leader of the Labour Party and Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn, who Jo doesn’t like because he won’t jump when she tells him to—anyone and anything associated with Corbyn is hated by Joanne, view her tweeting activity and you will know what I mean…

There are dark themes throughout Rowling’s books – which are products of her mind…

Jo is sending a message to someone she doesn’t know, who it seems she is communicating with for the first time, she doesn’t know their past, their race, their religion, zilch. Yet, she gives them the moniker anti-Semitic and suggests that the tweeter’s motivation (for pointing out Stephen Fry’s one-time collaboration with Rowling) was due solely to his/her ‘anti-Semitism’.

Jo, the person may be Jewish for all you know.

Jo, I had no idea Stephen was Jewish before you in effect daubed a yellow star on his back! I only knew him as intelligent, a great actor, very thoughtful and an atheist. He rejects religion (including Judaism) yet you wish for him to be known and identified as Stephen Fry the Jewish man. The last time people did this was in the ’30s in Germany, what are you doing?

Rowling never apologises; nothing can remove that smile from her face, not even accusations of anti-Semitism!

Jo, you (and your tweet), I am certain, caused more distress to Mr Fry than the original tweet did, if Fry even noticed the original. Was that your intention? I mean we have discovered that you hold grudges, you are full of anger and rage and you never forget and you never forgive, so was this a punishment against Fry? I ask in all seriousness. Or, did you think the highly accomplished gentleman would phone you after seeing your defamatory tweet and say, ‘Jo, you are a real hero and thanks for “outing me” as having Jewish ancestry. I have never talked about it, no one knew, but if you think the time is right to slap labels on me then cool. You are the best, Jo!’

It is (a widely accepted opinion) “anti-Semitic” to view things that are not intended to be anti-Semitic AS anti-Semitic. Jews have long suffered from persecution, but when a member of that ancient tribe (like Stephen Fry) chooses to identify simply as quintessentially English (especially given his atheism) you, Jo, don’t let them! Surely it is for Mr Fry and no one else to allude to aspects of his background or ancestry.

1/ J.K. Rowling tweets a lot about anti-Semitism, saying it is on the rise and her political party is full of anti-Semites.

2/ J.K. Rowling “outs” a famous man as being Jewish, despite him never publicly identifying as being Jewish and never practicing Judaism (he identifies as an atheist).

How can so many members of the Jewish community be wrong and Rowling right?

Back to the original tweeter, bullied, attacked, defamed and abused by J.K. Rowling on Twitter for engaging in lively political discussions and using his power (which, remember, Jo wants, judging by her comments and actions) expressed by him exercising his freedom of speech.

If someone were to kill this individual (incited to do so due to Rowling’s tweet), would Jo be arrested on charges of inciting violence or hatred? Or is that the kind of society we live in now, one where billionaire child-abuse-writer-abouters can bully the working class from their ivory towers, defaming the innocent and swearing at those who they disagree with?

This woman is a disgrace for publishing this tweet. If you showed me proof that the original tweeter is anti-Semitic the story would change somewhat, but it is only you who mentions race/religion, only you, Jo.

Does anyone actually think that a day goes by in the life of the original tweeter without him thinking about the tweet? Can anyone imagine what it must be like to have a powerful and uber aggressive, politically connected billionaire shouting at you through the internet, swearing at you and falsely accusing you of being anti-Semitic? I know the person is hurting and, even though I do not support his party or its leader, he/she (it seems) is a grass-roots political activist who wants a better world for himself, family and community. What’s wrong with that?

But when anyone starts having fun or a peace-and-compromise approach (as in the Brexit victory) the likes of Rowling show up and spoil everybody’s day—does she smile and laugh after literally destroying people’s lives through the internet or in court or elsewhere?

To the original tweeter, take heart from knowing you are not on your own. She hates the world, it seems, and if your life or career is ever affected due to Rowling’s (no doubt) slanderous, libellous and false accusations against you, I would advise you to get a solicitor, as I think you may very well have a case against the wannabe Godfather of British Politics.

—Bruce Masters


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