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The Day Jeremy Corbyn’s Principles Destroyed the World, by Bruce Masters

The Day Jeremy Corbyn’s Principles Destroyed the World, by Bruce Masters

(A Nightmare Scenario)

July 17th, 2019, Downing Street.

It was a little after midday when Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn celebrated his first full week ‘in the job’ as the leader of Her Majesty’s U.K. government.

The hastily called general election had raised the man up from international obscurity and allowed him to shake off the scandals that plagued him and his party for many years.

The Brexit was already a distant memory; people just knew that (under Corbyn) it would not be happening now.

An eerie sense of calm covered Britain, mingled with an overpowering feeling of uncertainty and fear of the future. The air was electric; something was going to happen and soon, but what?

In Downing Street, the new prime minister took a seat on a comfortable yet firm Chesterfield sofa, a cup of green tea in his hand. He savoured the moment, silently reflecting on the struggles that his principles had caused him and others throughout his life, which had ultimately led him to No.10.

The opulence, extravagance and power of his new residence and position reminded him to some degree of Buckingham Palace. As he took another sip of his tea, he remembered accepting the queen’s invitation in 2015 to attend the state visit for the Communist dictator of China, Jinping.

The prime minister’s musings also reminded the man of a more recent state visit to the U.K. by a visiting foreign head of state—President Trump’s state visit, which took place in early June 2019, an event Corbyn boycotted.

Corbyn likes making powerful enemies…

Many people supported his principled position, whilst others were thinking more long term, looking at a post-Brexit world with eyes wide open, when anyone who is strong and steadfast should be fawned over, not insulted and ridiculed.

The supporters of Corbyn and his detractors would never agree, but what most people didn’t ask or even consider was would Corbyn still have refused the queen’s invitation if he had been prime minister at the time? And what damage would such a snub do to the special relationship between the U.K. and America?

Anger began rising inside the outwardly mild-mannered long-time political activist as he couldn’t remove the image of the larger-than-life New York businessman/politician from his mind. The prime minister must have held a special and profoundly deep loathing for Trump owing to him formerly accepting invitations to meet the Jinpings and the Maduros of this world.

As Prime Minister Corbyn closed his eyes and summoned a pleasing image to come to the fore of his mind (Buckingham Palace being demolished and the first family deported to Canada) a panicked looking assistant burst into his office.

‘Mr Prime Minister! It is an urgent call, you have to take this right now, sir, it’s the White House—’

‘Trump?’ Corbyn asked through a sneer.

The assistant nodded and swallowed hard as he took in the sight of the prime minister ever so slowly smiling before his entire face appeared both deranged and demented to the onlooker who witnessed Corbyn (who still a minute later still wore the smirk of the victor) write a note into his diary, detailing the time, the date and what happened: ‘That jerk called today, ignored him in June, ignored him today, Britain doesn’t need bigots…’

Is Corbyn so far left that he has become far right?

‘The call, Mr Prime Minister, he said it was urgent! Something about radical Islamic terrorists.’

‘You’ve got a lot to learn about politics, kid, and boycotts and principles. Tell that jerk, I mean tell the president that I am unreachable!’

The assistant followed the prime minister’s order—Trump was dumbfounded.

In the White House, the president dropped his telephone handset upon the Resolute desk and proceeded to wipe away a tear of both sadness and frustration. ‘Goodbye Britain,’ Trump said as that ancient nation’s fate was sealed by the actions of one man, who continued drinking his green tea and relished the thought of writing a few hundred words about Trump’s ‘outreach’ as he thought it later that evening, in his diary.

In the Oval Office generals buzzed, a scene of chaos was erupting. Some asked if there was a channel to the palace that could be used to relay the extremely time-sensitive information, but it was too late; they made a mistake when using their one and only phone call on Prime Minister Corbyn, just like the British people made a mistake when they elected him solely due to being somewhat less of a loser than Theresa May…

President Trump turned to a bust of Churchill, which rested proudly atop a plinth, and for a moment convinced himself that it, too, was crying.

Churchill would have gone to the palace!

‘How long now until detonation?’ he asked anyone who could hear him.

‘It’s already happened, Mr President, it’s too late. London is gone, the blast radius is larger than we predicted; seven … no … eight million projected casualties within one week, with an inevitable civil war and chaos following immediately after.’

Back in Downing Street, Prime Minister Corbyn saw a bright flash that filled his office.

As the screams rose up from the streets below and an inescapable radioactive fireball exploded in the direction of the man, he thought about a possible correlation between the call from Trump and the nuclear bomb that had just detonated but a few miles away.

‘No, I was right! This is not my fault. My principles are more important than—’

The End.

You may think that I have always been strongly opposed to Mr Corbyn, his beliefs and principles judging by my portrayal of him within the nightmare scenario above; that is far from the case!

It may be news to you that, in fact, I wrote rather good things about him in two previously published works—of both fiction and non-fiction.

You will find that I was firm but fair with the political representative within the pages of the largely political biography of J.K. Rowling (One Election Please…) where I had the opportunity to put the boot in but didn’t, as I’m a big believer in second chances, but Corbyn has unfortunately just used up his fifth or sixth chance…

You will also notice that in the fictional novella (still on the theme of ‘Rowling’, it’s a long story) J.K. Rowling in: It’s a Kind of Magic, Corbyn is the hero to Rowling’s anti-hero persona, but things are a changing it seems…

The troubling incident of Corbyn snubbing our head of state forces questions to be asked:

‘How can he continue in politics after insulting the queen and our cousins across the sea?’

‘Can the Labour Party not provide a humble, centrist, courteous and at the same time royalist leader?’

Maybe Corbyn gets some kind of individualistic thrill from rocking the boat or maybe he revels in all the attention, perhaps adoring the hero worship that is freely given by the committed and fanatical members of the extreme left, who see Corbyn as a kind of passive-aggressive and ‘watered down’ version of Lenin, whom they naively believe they can wield and control…

Jeremy, if you want to criticise the queen and her choices, or refuse her invitation, maybe it is time for you to trot yourself off to North Korea, China, Cuba or Venezuela, where there is no democracy and no queen to criticise—your idea of heaven, right?

The arrogance Corbyn displayed in this joint royal and presidential snub is astounding; the potential harm this rogue Trotskyite may end up causing to the integrity of the U.K. and world peace doesn’t bear thinking about.

I never thought I would ever end up being on the same side of ANY argument as the subject of my first published biography ‘One Election Please…’; however, I have to say that, if we focus solely upon the man’s positions, J.K. Rowling, I must admit, was right to go after Corbyn previously—our motivations may be different, but Jo and I have strangely found some common ground!

Principles are great, Jeremy, when we can afford to have them that is. The price of your principles, however, is too high for your will and vision to be enacted. You are a man out of time, my friend; I pity you.

As you endeavour to satisfy the wants of your far left political base (whilst being driven by zeal, pride and ego) you may just end up destroying us all.

—Bruce Masters

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