The What Has She Become song

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(The Full version)

What Has She Become?

(The Chorus ONLY version)

What Has She Become?

Bruce Masters discusses the history of the What Has She Become song in his latest book: How Not to Get Sued by J.K. Rowling.


I wrote a little book

Now maybe I’ll get sued

All this suing is insane

Why couldn’t we make a deal?

Does she want me in a hole?

Want my house, want everything?

Try to kill me in the press

But Jo … I documented everything!


What has SHE become?


Everyone I know is sued by Rowling in the end

She can have it all, my empire of dirt

But Jo won’t bring ME down

Jo won’t make ME hurt

I wear this crown of truth

Upon my writer’s chair

Full of legal thoughts

How best to prepare?

Because of Rowling’s gold

All hope near disappears

Threaten me all you want

I’m not afraid and I’m still RIGHT HERE!


What has SHE become?

Voldemort himself!

Everyone we know is sued by “J.K.” in the end

And she can sue the world with her empire of lawyers

But Jo won’t bring US down

Jo won’t make US hurt

If I could write that book again

A million times or more

I wouldn’t change a thing

That’s the Bruce Masters way